Yakuza 0- Karaoke: x3 SHINE (Yuki) | Kho nhạc karaoke hot nhất

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Yakuza 0- Karaoke: x3 SHINE (Yuki) | Video karaoke dễ ca nhất.

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Yakuza 0- Karaoke: x3 SHINE (Yuki)
Yakuza 0- Karaoke: x3 SHINE (Yuki)

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Yuki sings a festive song with Majima cheering in the background. Yuki sings pretty well! and I really like her “natural look! After all, she’s club Sunshine number ….

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Yakuza 0- Karaoke: x3 SHINE (Yuki)

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46 thoughts on “Yakuza 0- Karaoke: x3 SHINE (Yuki) | Kho nhạc karaoke hot nhất”

  1. I'm gonna guess this is New Game Plus but i Recognise this song from Berleezy Would you Rather. I'm gonna guess Joe played a lot more than Berleezy. Because i never saw that song when he played.

  2. Just finished the game yesterday, that game is a blast, incredible! Are there "clean" versions of the karaoke videos available to? Like without input on screens and without kiryu voice?

  3. Keep in mind that when SEGA did a poll among Japanese fans for the most popular Yakuza franchise character, Yuki ranked 8th, which is above Nishitani and Daigo, and no other female character did not even make it to top 10 position.

  4. Yuki still the best singer in Yakuza 0 and after 18 years later in Yakuza Kiwami 2 especially with her singing "Ring" Definitely would marry her in a heart beat in yakuza 0

  5. So Yuki sings x3 shine which is a pun that sounds like sunshine (san shine), and she works at the cabaret club called sunshine
    In Yakuza Kiwami 2 Yuki returns and runs a cabaret club called 4shine and it's called that because 4shine (yon shine) is better than x3 shine (san shine)

  6. This song is cute and all, however once i noticed that i could sing 24 hour cinderella after this. I just knew that peace was never an option.


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