Undertale – "Finale" V2 NITRO Remix | Nhạc hot nhất

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Undertale – "Finale" V2 NITRO Remix | Nhạc hay nhất.

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Undertale - "Finale" V2 NITRO Remix
Undertale – "Finale" V2 NITRO Remix

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#Undertale #quotFinalequot #NITRO #Remix

Undertale – "Finale" V2 NITRO Remix

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  1. The reason why I love this remix so much is because the normal finale in the game what is 1 of my top 5 fave OST’s for the game doesn’t fit with the chaotic theme of the battle but with this theme flowery knows he might not be able to beat frisk because the souls are helping them but there’s no way flowery gonna lose either

  2. His Theme in the background in some parts of the song is just chefs kiss an excellent job! Your music is so goood

  3. Covid 19 when they enter my body: yes w finnaly made it but why do i hear boss music?
    the gummies i ate as a kid:I AM THE GOD OF HYPER DEATH

  4. My brain: you going to sleep?
    Me: yes now shut up
    My brain: when you think about it no matter what ending you get in undertale Aserial never gets a soul and can´t feel any emotions by the end, he´s left behind by everyone and no one except frisk will ever remember that Aserial saved everyone.
    Me: why must you curse me with this knowledge?

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  6. And this kids is what kept the us and Soviets from strangling each other during the Cold War ….
    ☟︎☜︎ 💧︎✌︎✞︎☜︎👎︎ 🕆︎💧︎ ✌︎☹︎☹︎

  7. Can you belive me if i say that i can give context to the "flowey ran away"?
    Look worms make tunnels, right? What if a worm wants to escape from a predator? He dig faster or get into a previus hole but he is crawling faster than before so we could say he is running so, flowey can dig like a worm so the steps that you hear arent steps is flowey diging the fastest he can, so flowey is diging and running at the same time things that explain the "steps" sounds and the "ran" in the text.
    (Please help is 4:05 am and i cant sleep)

  8. Frisk: * Ouit kid *
    Frisk: * Uno reverse card *
    Six human souls: DIE FLOWEY

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