THE BEST KARAOKE SET UP FOR SINGERS!?! | Video karaoke hay nhất

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THE BEST KARAOKE SET UP FOR SINGERS!?! | Kho nhạc karaoke hay nhất.

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This is the best karaoke set up that you can practice singing with! Sing your heart out with this karaoke mic.
I’m telling you this now. Don’t go cheap. Save money and invest. If you go cheap, the sound quality sounds cheap.
I will teach you how to set up the BEST karaoke system set up at home! Please check the description for the equipment.
BUY THINGS NICE so you don’t have to BUY IT TWICE.

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Don’t waste money buying the “cheaper” karaoke systems because you will regret it. I don’t lie on this channel. This will benefit your singing practice at home.

I show you the best affordable brands to have great quality live performances at the comfort of your own home. You can practice singing and also host karaoke parties with your friends!

▶ BEST KARAOKE SET-UP! (Equipment List)

1. B-3 Wireless Microphone System!:

2. Sennheiser WIRED Mic:

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3. Sennheiser XSW (Wireless Mic & Receiver):

4. Audio Interface!:
*the one in the video was sold out so I linked another great interface*

5. Amplifier!!:

6. RCA Cables:

7. Banana Plug Cables:
*you need 3*

8. Stream YouTube to TV!:

9. Smart Tv!:

10. Left and Right Speakers!:
*the one in the video was sold out so I linked another L and R speaker*

11. Center Speaker!:

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1. My Studio Microphone! –

2. My Audio Interface! –

3. Best Mic Stand! –

4. Best Studio Booth! –


1. Canon SL2 (BODY ONLY) –

2. Canon 10-18mm Lens ($) –

3. Mini Tripod –

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4. Softbox Studio Lighting Kit! –

5. Studio Ring Light! –

6. Video Microphone PRO –

7. BEST 256 GB SD Card! –

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Video Editing:

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25 thoughts on “THE BEST KARAOKE SET UP FOR SINGERS!?! | Video karaoke hay nhất”

  1. Great set up! For people that don't have a home theater receiver, buying a couple of powered PA speakers that have a 2 inputs with XLR and media input though 3.5mm cable or RCA you can play YouTube and patch the audio into the PA speaker and use the XLR mic input. PA speakers are what you find in clubs and concerts so meant for the job.

  2. I thought I didn't need an audiointerface for Karaoke, just a mixer routed to external speakers. Right? With the audiointerface, you don't get any effects, like reverb, just the clean audio, not optimal for karaoke, right?

  3. First of all, really good video and tutorial, well done. I really liked it 🙂
    There are quite a few things I want to comment about
    1.There is a slightly easier way of setting up a Karaoke Set Up (with using Youtube via TV App and) without needing an extra amplifier if one uses active speakers where you can directly connect a wireless microphone system to the speakers.Those type of microphone systems are a bit different type as the wireless receiver has a built-in mixer which means that you can directly connect and input your TV Audio to it.
    2.But other than that, you're still right.It's a good system which you showed and good Karaoke Set Up 🙂
    3.Yeah, Magic Sing as I've heard and seen really is a bit, well…
    But to be fair, there are some good commercial Karaoke Machines/Systems with quite a lot of more recent songs built in. And it depends on individual needs, but one pro for the karaoke machines and contra for the customized Youtube Karaoke Set Up is that you can't pitch the key of the songs to your vocal range if needed, because there aren't always the right or at all pitched Karaoke Versions on youtube of the songs you'd like to sing. And one more thing is that with some Karaoke machines you don't need extra equipment like the speakers and the amplifiers (only the mics) because the machine system would work with your TV alone and you can hear the microphone sounds and your voice coming out of the TV directly 🙂

  4. If i am going to connect to my tv, are this the ones that i need to buy? * Amplifier, RCA cable but is it gonna be just 1 or i need 2? Of course need to buy mic , and do i need to buy speaker that will connect to my tv?

  5. Awwww… no fair, i'll never get a mic like that… I dont even have a card for buying one, MY DREAM WILL NEVER COME TRUE! 😭

  6. Zane Im trying to have a home karaoke system. Do I still need the receiver if I have the audio interface? The NUX wireless receiver part that goes on the mic goes in to the mixer interface so do I still need the other receiver that you have on the link that comes with the mic? Please let me know because I have an amp, I have speakers, I now have the NUX wireless parts and I purchased the Sennheiser 835 Mic.Mic. All I think I missing is the mixer/audio interface correct? thanks Eva


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