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Oxy Cotton W/ Lyrics | Video karaoke dễ ca nhất.

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Oxy Cotton W/ Lyrics

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Lil Whyte – Oxy Cotton With The Lyrics!!!.

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Oxy Cotton W/ Lyrics

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  1. Reminds me of the old days wit my homeboy Nate Zim… maaaan I used to get out there on them handlebars
    Downright stupid all I needed was two and a blunt but he was on the Little blue Oxys main lining coming out of my bathroom FUBAR. He used to scare me. That he was going to cross over but either way he handled it all right route me up and taught me how

  2. When you been in this game since this came out not over doseing not getting locked up i just like getting fucked up every single thing in this song I have done extensively I may be a little nuts I stay doin this

  3. Never take Seroquel with any drug at all… Never trust me you will be thanking me later. That's an Antipsychotic for paranoid Schizophrenia. It doesn't get you high it makes you really tired and odd. Waste of a good oxy

  4. This song came out in 2003 I was 12 years old. Bea ever word haven’t even listen to it since I was prob 15/16 never really understood it but listening to it as an adult breaks my heart. Over a dozen friends gone from opioids that’s how it started popping pills. Then they got too expensive so they moved on to herion then tried crack then ruined their lives like millions of others born in the 80s and 90s


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