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Lời bài hát Love’s Funny That Way

There’s no king when love is the thing
We play the same rules
In a heartbeat a wise man can be a fool
There’s no guarantee that love will be

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A stranger or friend
A prayer that’s answered or a heartache that never ends
Through the darkest hours when all is said and done
It has the power, you go from lonely to the lucky one


Love’s funny that way
No matter who you are
Well it can shake your faith
Or it can break your heart
Once in a while the mountains move
We all long for those days
You live, you laugh, you say
Love’s funny that way

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Not long ago i got to know the lonely side
Just me and my pain and nowhere to hide
It amazes me
How my world turned around
If it’s meant to be
That’s all that matters to me anyhow

(repeat chorus)

So when you don’t understand
Best you leave it in love’s hands
Just live, laugh and say
Love’s funny that way

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