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Lời bản nhạc Never Had Nothin’

Im growing up to be nothing but a fatherless

And if you still locked up don’t start callin me
I respect the fact that you tried and you
But you promised ya oldest son that you’d try until you
In and out of jail I’m wondering if pop
And I got some questions to ask but you not
I hope that when you start falling god speak to
I’m more of a father to Lateef than
Don’t get me wrong I still got
Im trying to stay outta trouble but yet I still got
See if you was here I wouldn’t have to
Thanx to mom and my man Dee Bee,
see they here to tell me to not grab
the L/

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chorus-All my life I aint never had nothing but a
family,alot of niggas that envied,and a
long knife/All my life I aint never had
nothing but a mother,a lil sister,and a lil
brother/All my life I’ve been tryin to get
a deal,niggas hatin on me hard and
they gotta be killed/All my life I aint
never had nothin,I never had nothin in
my life/

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I was six the first time I held a
Didn’t know what to do so I put it right
Couple years back I was more than
Begging my moms to buy me a sherlin
Got caught outside 3 in the
Smoking stoges riding bikes got my as beat till
I was yawning/
Even though my moms can’t stand
I’m still trying to make her proud like the
cartoon family/
Growing up in the Cuse is too much
Watchin my man die in the street is too much
So I never felt nothin but
And if I don’t continue spitting flames than I
guess nothing will

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