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Lời bản nhạc 85 Bucks An Hour

chillin at the studio
Chillin at the studio 85 bucks an hour, so hurry up and loop a beat mike, come
I’m violent j but my homies call me shit-head, but thats my homies to you im’
Violent j bitch, i put my boys on a track enen though they suck
“yo dog i’m dave, and i don’t give a fuck”
I did a record deal, signed a contract, technically for island i can only rap
But fuck that wit twiztid i’ma still spit, even though i got a cold and i sound
Like shit
What the fuck was that, fuck it, leave it in that shit is phat, ya heard this
Beat 80 times i’ma still freak it and if ya notice my shit don’t even rhyme!
Look at that, i aint even got a rap and it’s still phat, my shit went gold i
Got fat nutz and ur still flyerin parking lots, ya might say, my vocals are up
Too loud, so i’ma turn ’em up louder to piss you off! psychopathic records are
Genuisses, get off our penises, here comes the chorus but i got no hook,
Instead i’ll just fuck wit the phone book
Hello hairy sacks please?
Hairy hey this is slim anus down at the cannery uh, dick shooter left a
Boulintin, something about uh, you fillin in his slot tonight down at the uh
Garage, we got a casement of fudge we need as many packers as we can get uh uh
My name is jamie madrox and i got fat balls, i’m always urinatin in the motel
Halls, i got a big head the never fits a hat, so you aint see me wearin a damn
Thing green bitch i’m far from rich i got a hooptie, with a smash in the fender
And in the back tube, i got a broken tail light and i’ll smash you bitch get
Outta my way we got clown love phat props to the lyrical tom dub

It’s the m-o, n-o and i can’t even spell the rest, it takes too long and i need
A fucking cigarette, i can’t hear my right ear’s mad wack so shut the fuck and
Listen or get an ass kickin, i slap hoes and call ’em bitches to their face,
And scream to “fuck off bitch! twiztid in the place” so back up recognize and
Check nuts, cuz simply my dear i don’t give a fuck!!
Yo this mo styles in the peace wussup son?
Hey wussup son i’m looking for this deal ya know what i’m sayin i got raps ta
Bust for yall, yall ready for mo styles i’m i’m bout kick this flow you rady
For this shit or what?
Who’s this?
I’m mo styles straight from the hood i got all my peoples on 1800 and crenshaw
We coming hard
(bring it bring it bring it bring it!)
My names 2 dope and sometimes shaggy, sometimes shaggs and sometimes gweedy i
Gets mad stupid i gets mad ill and i done it all fine fuck i do the spill
Strech my nuts back like a slingshot and plant ’em in ur mouth stretch my hip
Like elvis wigglin my pelvis, last kid that stepped i applied the kama punched
Stretched it back like a mutha fuckin bungy jumper wait!!
I’m violent j back to make ya smile more, i let my nut sack drag on the tile
Floor, i kick free-styles for miles my gold comes in piles, i worked on bell
Isle, i picked up deer shit, and i now i spit raps, i snap ya neck, cuz my
Freestyles are fresh…

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