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Lyrics bài hát Goin’ Down

(riiinnnngggg) “Dont answer that”
“Hello, I’m not at home, leave a message” (beep)
“Yo, bitch, this is (beep) pick up the phone, bitch
I know you’re in there
you fucking with that old fucking ass ‘Face now, huh bitch
Where my motherfucking kids at, bitch
Fucking bitch, punk ass bitch!”

[Scarface]Hey, today must be my lucky day
I turned the corner, hit the block and seen that ass from a mile away
(now where’s she staying?) she must be new in the hood
But I aint trippin’ on that shit, cause it’s all good

I rolled up on her, and I asked her her name
aint a damn thing changed , aint no shame in my game
she said, ” Used to go Thomas”
I slowed my roll, cause she just might be one of my homies’ babies mamas

Now where your man at, she said “Gone at work”
Gave me the look, I cracked a smile and thinkin’, “Go on and flirt”
My homies women aint no thing to me,
Cause if they caught one of my ho’s, they’d do the same to me

And furthermore she was peepin’ my ride
convertible, 64, with the ride inside
super clean with the discs and vogues
higher than a fuck spittin’ this to hoes:

Please excuse my attitude, sorry if I’m being rude
but I’ve got something to say to you
hoping you wont lose your cool
I wanna sneak you out to play with me,
you can spend the day with me
and we can ride and see the sights
It’s going down tonight . . .

[Scarface]Reminiscing on the bitch that I had back in the day
gave the bitch a call and she hung up in my face
now thats the pits
she didnt have to put up a front
I stuck that ass back in there
and haven’t called her for 3 months

I guess it’s in me to be doggin’ a chic
can’t understand how you niggas just be hogging your bitch
Go on and pass her, unass her, send her to the master
Let her take a ride with the Bradster
it cool, dont front ..ooooh, no sex
no sweat-not even on my mind-we just met

And furthermore, we can get to those
But for now I’m rolling ‘Raris spitting this to hoes:

[CHORUS] [Scarface]Now I’m cruisin’ to the crib with this bitch that I scooped
Parked my Ferrari, now I’m back in the coup
I knocked her boots – your baby’s mama put me to work
I tagged that ass from the back, and knocked her shit in the dirt

She wanted me badly so I put it inside
she got the (front, back, and side to side)
back and forth with the gangster glide
started off at 6 and didn’t finish till 9

Hit the showers like I been out playing ball for the day
Now she’s asleep, cause she just had her drawers full of dick
(now thats sick) and plus she got you staying at home
with the kids all alone while she’s gettin’ her fuck on
So believe me when you downin’ the Brad
I’m at the pad with your baby mama clowning that ass
so player hatin’ niggas check the bitch you chose
I’ll be mobbing in my ‘benz spitting this to ho’s:


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