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Lean, Kaizen, and Continuous Improvement

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A short video about lean, kaizen, and the concept of continuous improvement. Presented by EMS Consulting Group, Inc. http://www.emsstrategies.com. \r
Continuous improvement is not done by management to employees. It must be done by the employees. Management’s role is to create a blamefree environment in which employees can bring problems to the surface and identify solutions / countermeasures.

Lean, Kaizen, and Continuous Improvement

Lean Manufacturing – Pull Systems

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This course will introduce you to a manufacturing principle that promotes the initiation of tasks, or utilization of components to meet actual demands, which in turn empowers companies to optimize resources and reduce waste. A pull system is contrary to a push system. While we’ll introduce and define the two theories, this course will focus on how to design and implement a pull system in your standard processes.

Lean Manufacturing - Pull Systems

Continuous Improvement Manager – The Role and Responsibilities

What is a Continuous Improvement Manager and what are the skills requires are treated in this video. The Continuous Improvement Manager is required by companies and the role and responsibilities are described.

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✏️ Here the transcript of the video
What are the skills required for a Continuous Improvement Manager?
What is the role in the organization and the responsibilities?
In this video, I’ll answer these questions based on what
companies are looking for today, what the books say, and my experience.
Let’s start by examining what companies require for the role of
Continuous Improvement Manager for a large factory
or for several factories on national territory.

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▶ The most modern companies today require:
1. Passion for continuous improvement.
2. Predisposition to teach leaders how to lead the business with a zero defect mentality and waste reduction.
3. Ability to lead functional cross teams in kaizen events.
4. Create a continuous improvement roadmap.
5. Be a change agent capable of guiding change through Continuous Improvement methodologies.
6. Promote Lean Manufacturing by educating the organization in the use of lean principles.

▶ What are the required skills in more detail?
To be a continuous improvement manager he must have a proven track record as a continuous improvement engineer in operations.
You must have a deep and extensive knowledge of Lean, Six Sigma, and Kaizen.
You must have the ability to divide complex problems into simple problems and understand which of these simple problems is the most relevant.
You must be able to teach and conduct Problem Solving activities.
He must be curious, a lover of GEMBA, and go into the details of the processes.

▶ Let’s now turn to what the texts say on the subject.
When an organization grows to about 100 people, it becomes necessary to establish the Lean Promotion Office, called also Kaizen Promotion Office.
In the beginning, 2% of employees should be dedicated to this office. These employees must be 100% dedicated to improving and the person in charge of this office is the Continuous Improvement Manager.
The Continuous Improvement Manager and the Continuous Improvement Engineers are the custodians of the knowledge of Lean Tools ed
those responsible for spreading Lean Thinking in the organization.
1. Develop a general Roadmap and a Master Schedule for Lean Implementation.
2. Help in the creation of the \”Value Stream Map\”.
3. Support in the implementation of the Kanban.
4. Support the implementation of the 5S and perform Lean Audits.
5. Conduct courses on Lean Tools, Coaching and Facilitation.
6. Prepare educational and informative material such as newsletters and videos.
7. Being the Coach and Mentor through problemsolving and the use of A3.

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▶ Let’s conclude with my personal experience.
1. Must be a scholar of Lean methodologies through the study of texts, participation in the Lean community both online and offline, and practicing Kaizen events at least twice a year.
2. As Art Byrne argues, a Continuous Improvement Manager must have Patience, Persistence, and Resilience.
3. Must have strong credibility within the organization to know how to influence the CEO and his first levels and confront them with their responsibilities as key players in Lean Transformation.
4. Nowadays, a Continuous Improvement Manager cannot ignore having digital skills such as manipulation of BIG DATA, Artificial Intelligence, Gamification, and Graphic Design.

▶ Conclusions.
Many companies around the world are transforming to become leaner and achieve extraordinary results.
The figure of the Continuous Improvement Manager is increasingly sought after and the level of skills required is very high in very different disciplines.
The Continuous Improvement Manager is in charge of the Lean Promotion Office and must facilitate the organization to transform in a company that maximizes profits while reducing waste.

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Continuous Improvement Manager - The Role and Responsibilities

What is Continuous Improvement?

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What is Continuous Improvement?

Continuous Improvement

Company managers can significantly advance the cause of superior strategy execution by pushing organization units and company personnel to strive for continuous improvement in how value chain activities are performed.
Process management programs drive continuous improvement and help an organization achieve operating excellence. In aiming for operating excellence, many companies have come to rely on three potent management tools: business process reengineering, total quality management (TQM) programs, and Six Sigma quality control techniques.
Business process reengineering involves pulling the pieces of strategycritical activities out of different departments and unifying their performance ]in a single department or crossfunctional work group. When done properly, business process reengineering can produce dramatic operating benefits.
Total quality management (TQM) is a philosophy of managing business practices that emphasizes continuous improvement in all phases of operations, 100 percent accuracy, involvement and empowerment of employees, teambased work design, benchmarking, and total customer satisfaction. TQM doctrine preaches that there’s no such thing as “good enough” and that everyone has a responsibility to participate in continuous improvement. TQM is thus a race without a finish.
The purpose of using benchmarking, best practices, business process reengineering, TQM, Six Sigma, or other operational improvement programs is to improve the performance of strategycritical activities and promote superior strategy execution.

Continuous Improvement

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